How soon do we send out our wedding invitations?

We recommend that invitations should be mailed out about 3 months before the big day. For destination weddings or if you have many people traveling to attend your wedding, it is not uncommon to send your invitations 4-6 months in advance.

How many Invitations should I order?

You should order one invitation for each couple or single person on your list. You may choose to send more than one invitation to the same household if there are children or other family members over of the age of 18. We suggest ordering five to ten extra, in case you have forgotten someone or your guest list increases. Make sure you include yourself in the guest list so that you have an invitation as a keepsake.

Can I put my invitations together myself?

Unfortunately, no. All invitations designs are copy written material of Glimpz and we take pride in the integrity of the finished product.

Is it appropriate to ask for monetary gifts or include my registry information on my invitation?

It is generally not proper etiquette to include your registry or request monetary gifts on invitations. Word of mouth through friends and family is the best way to inform your guests. With that said, many people still choose to include their registries in the invitation.

If we include the bride’s parent’s names on the invitation, should we also include the groom’s parent’s names?

Traditionally, if the bride’s family is paying for the wedding, then their names should be included on the invitation. The same is true if the groom’s parent’s are contributing. However, if the brides parent’s are the sole purveyors of the wedding, it is up to you whether or not you want to include the groom’s parents.

If the bride and groom and paying for the wedding, should parent's names still be included?

This is up to you. There is no etiquette in this case that says your parents should be included. Often times, couples will still include something like "Together with our parents, or together with our families", but others may choose to leave them off entirely.

Do any of your invitations require extra postage?

All of our invitations sizes are within the regular postage rates. Depending on the number of pages or inserts, the weight rarely ever goes over the 30 gram weight maximum for one stamp.

Can my invitation be written in more than one language?

Yes, we can include additional languages if you are able to provide the translation. In the event that the translated characters are not compatible with our programs (i.e. Chinese), translations must be provided in PDF format.

Should I put a stamp on the RSVP envelope?

It is recommended that you buy postage for your RSVP envelopes to ensure their return. To save on postage, we would suggest an email or phone RSVP.

What is the correct format for addressing the envelopes?

When creating your address list, we recommend using full names instead of abbreviations. (i.e. Alberta instead of AB and Street not St.) The following is the suggested format for your addresses. This is only a recommendation; if we are addressing your envelopes the addresses will appear on the envelope exactly as you send them.

John and Sarah Jacobson
451 Tuscany Crescent N.W.
Calgary, Alberta
T2K 2J8

Can we “request the honour of your presence” when we aren’t getting married in a church?

If you want to use proper etiquette, then the phrase “requests the honor of your presence” should only be used when you are getting married in a church. Even though not everyone follows this rule of thumb, it is tradition when you are having a church ceremony. A marriage carried out by a Justice of the Peace or outside of a church could use the phrases “invite you to celebrate” or “request the pleasure of your company” in order to stay away from the formal church ceremony invite.


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